This website contains the stories of individuals who have experienced sexual violence and or sexual harassment and those of individuals that have been affected by it. If either of these topics disturbs or upset you, please do not continue to look at this website. If at any time during your viewing you feel uncomfortable or triggered, there is a red escape button in the top right corner of the screen that will take you off of this website.

Because this website is targeted at a specific school district, BVSD has an obligation to investigate any story shared that contains identifying information as per Colorado Mandatory Reporting Laws*. Any story shared that contains enough identifying information such as the name of the perpetrator, your own name, and exact dates of the assault may warrant an investigation and could be viewed by local authorities/trained personnel.To completely protect your anonymity, we encourage you to not use names or dates in your stories.

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Sexual Violence within BVSD Survey

The following is an anonymous survey that was created to gather data about sexual misconduct, either experienced or observed, and the overall culture within BVSD. We encourage everyone who feels comfortable sharing their input to take the survey, even if you haven't personally experienced harassment.  Please share this survey with all current and/or former BVSD students and BVSD employees.  The results should help pinpoint problem areas and system failures that need to be addressed by the district. Your feedback and opinions are valuable!  


These are some examples of the survey feedback we have received and what the responses have looked like. We will be using this critical data to advocate for and curate a sexual violence prevention program that is reflective of BVSD needs. If you haven’t already, please fill out the survey listed on our website if you are a current or former BVSD student or staff member (you do not need to be a survivor of sexual violence to fill it out). To view all of the images below, click on the next image you see to rotate the photos.  



Please visit our "Student Involvement + Contact Us" page and fill out the form there. We would love to hear from you on what you think of this platform or if you have any questions about incorporating this movement into your own schools. We look forward to hearing from you!