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Our goal is to include all voices in BVSD, starting with those most immersed in our work and the effects of its outcome: the students. We believe that in order to effectively change the climate of the schools we must first engage each of them. As activism holds its name because of the actions that accompany it, BVSD Survivors is not only a platform to share stories but it equally serves the purpose to empower the student community in taking back their power and have a place to put it towards solving this issue we face.  No matter what place or part the community you may hold right now, we invite everyone to be part of our team however they may like to right now and moving forward. As is important for any sustainable movement, we urge students, alumni, prospective students, and student- lead groups all across the Boulder Valley School District no matter what gender identity, race, ethnicity, religion, citizenship status, or language barrier to join. 

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