BVSD Title IX Advisory Council

BVSD Survivors has worked with BVSD to establish a Title IX Advisory Council within the district to address the sexual violence epidemic. The council will consist of passionate students, parents, community partners, teachers, and alumni. The council is a safe space for all identities to participate and the application to be on the council is currently open. While the council is a space to discuss Title IX policy improvements and increase sexual violence prevention, we emphasize that the council was built with the intention of inclusivity. The council will be a space open to the community to share stories, offer suggestions of ways we can support survivors better in the district, build on transformative justice practices, and create easy Title IX accessibility to everyone in the district. At BVSD Survivors, we want to emphasize the importance of student voices in sexual violence advocacy. As students, we have access to the culture within schools and valuable information/novel ideas to addressing sexual violence. If you are passionate about any of these topics, we highly encourage you to apply to be on the council and contribute to this important conversation. Applications to apply for the council are due by August 31st. The link to the application can be found here:

Title IX Advisory Council (1).png

Fore more information on logistics of Title IX Advisory Council meetings and the intentions of the council, please view the proposals below: